Importance Of Imagination

When writing somethingβ€”
A poem,
A comment,
A reply,

I am engaging,
With all of my heart;

Fully immersed,
In feelings of empathy, love,
I have gone higher,
Into this special ‘mode’;

That’s why,
When the floorboards creek above,
In that sudden way,
When the housemate moves,

β€”That’s why it tears at my heart,
And I resent the dragging-out of it;

Perhaps it’s to do,
With the limited channels of input,
Of text-based activity,
Compared with in-person interaction,

β€”For it requires deep imagination,
To truly picture the other person,
And how they are feeling,
β€”And deep connection,
To really feel intimately,
Of how you are feeling.


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