Headphones πŸŽ§πŸ’™

Oh, god,
When Headphones are charging,

I appreciate anew,
Just what they give me;

Exposed once again,
To sporadic sounds of slamming,
Roaring of cars,
And footsteps of brachiosaurs;

What an onslaught!
And just as I write…
The most annoying whistling…
Just walked on by πŸ˜†;

I love the headphones,
They are so effective,
I’d be nothing without them,
They’ve really been helping;

I feel so much more empowered,
To translate thoughts to writing,
I feel allowed,
To experience my feelings.

The headphonesβ€” in case it(they) help(s) anyone.


6 thoughts on “Headphones πŸŽ§πŸ’™

      1. Electromagnetic Frequencies omitted by power lines, microwaves, power sources, WIFI’s (especially), etc.

        One reason for the increase in brain tumors in young children (holding their iPhones next their ears); breast cancer in women (tucking their iPhone) near their breasts; so on and so forth and you say:

        So what!!’

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    1. Cool! :). Yes it’s so important/useful to be able to control the sound you hear, has such a big effect, even for non-sensitive people I’m sure. Thanks for commenting! πŸ™‚.

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