Benefit Of A Doubt

(Work Capability Assessment).

Well now I feel like a fool,
I feel like a tool,

β€”I shouldn’t have read all those horror stories,
It really wasn’t that bad at all!

And that was a good start,
I love when it goes like that;

I mean,
Maybe those stories were true,
But for what it’s worth,
My experience was good;

It wasn’t what I was expecting,
On arriving,
β€”A modern office building,
Friendly girl at reception;

Yes, I’d like a coffee please,
β€”These anti-depressants,
Do make me darned sleepy;

A bit of banter in-between,
The somatic OCDs,
Before handing me over,
To her even nicer colleague;

I’ll continue giving,
The benefit of a doubt,
And I had to wait a while,
But with WordPress on my phone,
I was alright;

Well, the office makes sense,
β€”Government contracts it out,
Is this just sweetening me up,
So I’ll let my secrets out…?

Apologising, profusely,
My interviewer welcomed me in…
An empathetic man,
He clearly listened to me;

I picked up good vibes,
The conversation went smoothly,
Pretty relaxed,
Just sitting back in our chairs;

And that was thatβ€”
They even hurried the form for my parking expenses,
Right before,
My ticket expired.



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