A Scratching At Night

Rustle rustle rustle,

…Brushing at the edges of perception,
At first not aware,
But slowly come around,
The sensation of a new sound;

Rustle rustle rustle

Am I going out of my mind?
It’s something I don’t understand,
Just scratching at the surface…
Tickling my curiosity,

β€”It’s stopped,
Let my nerves calm down;

Now where was I?
Get back to reading…
My hairy horror storβ€”

Rustle rustle rustle rustle

β€”AHHh holy s**t christ!

Look down the side…
Of the musty old bed,
Terrible scratching legs,

Oh, noβ€”

π•Šβ„™π•€β……π”Όβ„ πŸ•·.

This was inspired by Stuart’s poem The Curse of the WereWorm.


10 thoughts on “A Scratching At Night

  1. Spiders and I are NOT friends. In fact, I am so arachnophobic that I cannot even look at a picture of one. There are many movies where I have had to close my eyes in a scene…and still had it coming to me in dreams thereafter.
    Naturally the movie Arachnophobia was given a HUGE miss by me πŸ˜›

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    1. Wow! I’ve never met anybody that arachnophobic, that’s interesting! Trust me to write this poem then 🀣. So…how did you find the ending? πŸ˜…

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      1. Ahhh! No you’re completely, utterly right! I’m sorry that would’ve been so insensitive of me. I clicked it again after I read this comment, and…yeah, would’ve been a bad idea for you! πŸ˜†πŸ€—πŸ’™

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    2. Haha, the film, yeah, that wasn’t nice! But I’ve seen it twice. Lol. I’m nowhere near as Arachnophobic as you, which I guess makes me feel better 😁. πŸ’™.

      Hmm…are there bad spiders in South Africa?

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      1. We have some pretty large, pretty nasty ones, yes. I had one in the shower with me a few years ago… I still triple check it’s all clear these days before I get in! I actually broke the shower door trying to get out that day!!!!!!

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      2. Urgh!!!

        Hahaha, I can totally imagine breaking the shower door! It just wouldn’t open normally like it had done thousands of times before right?

        I had a ‘big’ house spider in the shower with me too a few years ago. I’d already been showering a bit before I noticed itβ€” because it was on a slanting bit of ceiling above and next to me. And when I saw it I just froze, at first, lol.

        I think if we had your spiders I’d probably react as badly πŸ˜†.

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