A New Friend

The other good thing,
Which happened this week,

For I’m feeling now…
A little disingenuous,

β€”Was a good friend,
Became a great friend;

I’ll admit,
I was slightly hesitant,
Because of the let-downs,
Of recent times;

But what the hell,
I only live once,
And I’ll again, jinx myself,

This is that rare friend,
Whom you can’t possibly offend,
And who matches, in turn,
Your generous openness;

A friend equal in wit,
In emotional sensitivity,
And ability to get through it,
When times are…
An impossibility;

An ability to laugh,
And seek distraction in humour,
Finding the good points,
Whilst maintaining full honour;

What’s more,
They’re that rare person,
Whom stirs within me,
The full force of my humour,

Which is awesome indeed…
And it’s so healthy,
For our ongoing mentality;

So long may it continue,
I will if you do,
Only glad to help you,
I enjoy your company πŸ™‚.


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