What A Mess

What a mess…
More mistakes,

Now that I’m waking at 5am,
I can spend that time trying to fix this mess;

People say be kind to myself,
But my ability to mess things up,
Is unparalleled…

Back in December,
I had to get a temporary parking permit,
For my car,
(I knew this was just asking for trouble),

Which gave me six weeks,
To get a residents‘ permit;

Been depressed since one month ago,
And steadily declining,
I’ve picked myself back up,
β€”But I obviously didn’t get around to it…

I haven’t changed my driving license address yet…
(I was just filling the form today),
Which is a prerequisite,
To getting the residents’ permit…

I got a parking ticket today,
And with this extra delay…
Is that one ticket per day,
Until I get this sorted?

At least,
Maybe now, I’ll sleep…


20 thoughts on “What A Mess

    1. Thank you Margie!

      I’m feeling better now after the writing and your comment :). And I’ll definitely feel more better after sleeping :). Was just about to go to bed then I had this frustration with the smell of cannabis…xD.

      Going to bed now! :). Night!

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    1. Thanks Margie! πŸ™‚ and thanks for all your comments, they’ve been very helpful honestly. Hope your trip is going great!


    1. Thank you! I don’t actually do well with ‘tough love’, it actually makes me feel worse xD. But I do like to hear opinions that disagree with mine, so I’d be interested to know what the content of it was :).

      I do sometimes worry about being too ‘complainy’ about every small thing. But on the other hand my ability to deal with things varies, and writing is always a very reliable way to make things easier. I did indeed sleep well :), and feel better. Thanks! πŸ’™


    1. Wow thanks so much for that! For relating. Unexpectedβ€” it’s hard to believe! πŸ€—


    1. Your profile picture…😭. Thank you for empathising! Totally get it :).

      Although I find making a todo list helps me a lot. Apps can make it a bit more satisfying. I use Microsoft Todo app for example. Trick is to have a list specific for that day, not put too many things in and allow yourself to rest once it’s done, or once you’ve done as much as you can. And however much you do, not beat yourself up for not getting it all done, even if other people want to do that for you…

      I don’t know if that helps at all! Thanks for commenting πŸ’™.

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      1. Cool. Thanks a lot! As long as I’m not alone with things I can pretty much deal with it πŸ™‚. Same to you.


  1. Sometimes we can get a mess
    what we want is to get it clean
    be certain that I’ve said before
    trying to do and give your best
    of bad emotions will make you
    like being protected & immune
    no matter if you got into a mess
    cause you’ll feel life, as a bless.

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