I’ve got a good idea,
Let’s build a skippy bit of train track,
An insignificant scrap,
Across little Britain;

β€”Is that a good idea?
…Is it?

I wonder what else…
Cost Β£100 billion? πŸ€”

  • International Space Station πŸ›°
  • Entire Apollo Moon program (today’s $) πŸš€πŸŒš
  • I’m struggling to find a third construction project…

I used to joke,
That Edinburgh’s tram system,
Cost almost one percent the International Space Station,
For 8.7 miles of track…
And six years of disruption;

Would cost the same as the space station,
β€”Except it wouldn’t,
Would it?

It’d cost twice,
Thrice as much,
By the time everybody’s,
Had their ‘bonuses’…


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