An Awkward Silence

In Morrisons bakery, yesterday,
A serendipitous discovery,

“Is this wholemeal bread?”,
I asked,

He took my bread in hand,
Put it down,
And proceeded to unwrap it…

Taken aback, but intrigued,
I waited to see what he’d do next;

Ohhh…I realised three things:
β€”Getting your bread sliced is a thing,
β€”He’s so used to being asked for this…
β€”He’s assumed that’s what I asked!

It would be too late to stop him now,
Imagine the conversationβ€”

With my mauled bread in hand,
Me, indignantly,
But trying to be polite:

“Oh, I didn’t want it sliced! πŸ™Š
I just wanted to know,
If it was wholemeal bread!”,

I’m sorry?“,

“I didn’t actually want it sliced…
I was just checkingβ€”
If this was wholemeal bread!”,

Having finished his slicing,
Put on the wrapping,
Would think I was joking:


I chickened out,
I couldn’t do that to him (or me),
But it might’ve been worth it,
For the awkward silence πŸ˜†,


8 thoughts on “An Awkward Silence

    1. Hahahaha! 🀣. It actually was, it must be the nicest bread I’ve ever eaten! I’ve nearly finished it already :\. Lol. I don’t know how you’re supposed to know about the slicing thing, haha.


    1. Hahaha, thank you! πŸ’™.

      Of course she is 🀣. Impossibly cute. Just when you think she’s so cute, she does an even cuter thing.

      Liked by 1 person

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