Royal Health Awareness

It must’ve been terrible,
Being Prince Harry,

It must be awful,
Being in the Royal Family;

I can all-too-easily imagine,
The intensity of his boredom,
The frustration at restrictions,
The constant badgering;

The strain has been showing,
In his mental health,
For a pretty long time,
He was no longer glowing;

Was he ever?
It’s treated him harshly,
And I don’t even care,
About Royal Family per se,

It is little wonder,
He cares not what they say;
This was obviously,
A long-awaited prophecy…


6 thoughts on “Royal Health Awareness

  1. I always chuckle to myself when people say they would have loved to have been born in the Royal Family. Can you imagine all the restrictions and protocol they have to follow through? Just no thanks. Lol.

    Anyway, very nice piece!

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    1. People say that? Haha! They haven’t thought it through enough πŸ˜‚. Harry’s the perfect illustration.

      Thanks for your thoughts and encouragement! 😁.

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