Cosmic Sensations

I’m going out of my mind,
And I’ve been doing just fine…

Gotta gotta be sounds,
Before I do it all…

No, seriously,
I remain in ambiguity,
About this sensitivity,
Mixed with OCD;

Which is the primary factor,
In this combination?
Is it an abomination,
Or just startle factor?

I am easily startled,
In some situations…

In my ground-floor room,
With curtains open,
If anything goes by,
At the very corner of my eye…

β€”I notice everything that’s moving…

β€”I notice everything that’s sounding…

β€”I notice everything that’s touching…

Such as a ‘sharp piece of dust’!
β€”My name for this phenomenon,
Which causes me to jump,
As if pricked on the skin by…
A sharp piece of dust!

Maybe it’s just,
Left-over cosmic debris,
For chondritic meteor dust,
Would be sharp indeed;

Maybe all of these sounds,
Are just ringing echoes,
Of previous explosions,
And the birth of a universe…


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