Diffusion Of Responsibility

It’s now another thing,
Keeping me awake,

β€”This problem that we’re having,
With rubbish-collecting;

The bins were full,
β€”When we first moved in,
And the council didn’t seem interested,
In emptying;

Fine, I said,
I’ll block the pavement,
The bins are already out front,
And I was being considerate;

This how life works:
You don’t do a thing,
Out of politeness,
You get screamed at condescendingly,
For being so lazy;

You do do a thing,
Out of pragmatism,
β€””My god,
What were you thinking!?”,

The world does not operate,
On any kind of logic,
Opinions proliferate,
They’re not even consistent;

So with the bins in the pavement…
They still weren’t emptied!
And now my housemates,
Are constantly pressuring;

Yet I’m still the only person,
Who’s taken any responsibility,
For anything communal,
My housemates are helpless;

I’m still the only person,
Who’s ever emptied the bin,
There’s not a single thing,
They do for anyone else;

But they’re not bad people!
I know this much,
They are just oblivious,
And out-of-touch;

I have a support person,
Assigned by the council,
To help with these things,
For the first six months,

She’s not replying;
There are promises,
Then nothing doing…

God I hate diffusion of responsibility,
And autonomic thinking.


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