Eating OCD

With my slump in mood,
OCD has boomed,

It’s taken back control,
I’ve been stuck in autopilot,

The question is:
Do I have a manual override,
Or is there a bug in the system?

Fortunately I was not designed,
By Boeing engineers,
An override exists,
β€”I’ve just thunk it into being;

But what was I on about,
With ‘eating OCD’?

I’m really just talking,
Of ‘just right’ OCD,
Which can make me do anything,

Now hunger, in me,
Exacerbates anxiety,
And relieving that feeling,
Is oh-so-pleasing;

That’s not to say,
It makes me binge-eat per se,
This is not the case!

But I just ate nearly a whole packet,
Of wholesome Brazil nuts,
β€”Each one like,
An awesome fireworks explosion;

I wanted to stop after three,
But it never felt right,
All because I was having an attack,
Of ‘just right’ OCD;

Yes, it’s weird to be me…


10 thoughts on “Eating OCD

    1. I’m considering just having coffee and staying up. That’s how you reset with jet leg.


      1. Thank you again.

        Can I ask you a question? Have I been overbearing? I’m sorry if so. It’s just that somebody I had recently been helping mentioned that today, although there were other complications. I know I’ve been writing a lot in your comments lately though, but I could relate to a lot of your struggles so couldn’t avoid trying to help. I hope it has helped. I can dial it back (simmer down)! Just say :). Thanks.

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      2. Don’t be dismayed by my ‘late-night’ activity lol. I’ve flipped it around, it’s now early morning! I got up so late yesterday it was easier to stay up and go to bed at a proper time. I figured if I eat and do everything as if I got up at 5, my body will be convinced with enough persuasion :).


  1. I’m considering just having coffee and staying up. That’s how you reset with jet leg.


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