A Near-Misty

Little Mist,

Why, when cars were coming,
Without even looking,
Did you chase a cat,
Across the road?

Did you forget your Green Cross Code?
You silly animal,
Oh I don’t know;

Small and black,
In Winter’s dark,
Running fast,
You never had a chance;

For you, luckily,
I be’ed a lollipop lady,
I scooped you up,
And carried you to safety.


10 thoughts on “A Near-Misty

    1. Seems to work with cats!

      Misty has as much survival instinct as a teddy bear.

      I’ve always found that distinction between cats and dogs fascinating. Although cats aren’t averse to running out across cars either, but they do react faster. Also cats always come back. Whereas some dogs will just escape forever, lol.

      But it’s also dogs’ dependence on humans that makes them endearing. Silly animals.

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    1. She was being so silly haha, running in circles around me in the middle of the road with 3 cars waiting… It’s a quiet road usually and 3 came at the same time, in two directions…haha! Typical. It actually helped because it meant they had to go slower.

      Thanks! :). I made the picture and just had to think of a poem for it :D.

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