Make Better Decisions

I need to make more friends,
And further…
To make them all at once,

Because one problem I’ve had,
Having so few,
Is of being too needy,
β€”Of that I was well aware;

You see,
Often I over-worry,
About what other people feel,
Or infer too much about situations,
β€”That has been confirmed,

If I tell myself not to over-worry,
I still get it wrong,
β€”Those were the times,
When I should have been worrying!

And so this last week,
There’s been a to-and-fro,
β€”I shouldn’t have done that
Don’t be too harsh on yourself!

And so it is with me,
On reading between-the-lines,
β€”The few times I do try it,
I get it badly wrong,

Whilst sensing all too easily,
That there’s something wrong;

Feeling it, but not knowing,
It’s heartbreaking;

At least, for myself,
I have the power to choose,
β€”I’ll always be upfront,
Of that you need no doubt πŸ’™.


6 thoughts on “Make Better Decisions

    1. Thanks PurpleStar! :).

      To be honest, sometimes I have no choice, because it’s my only form of therapy πŸ˜†.

      I actually worry more about overwhelming other people with it.

      Liked by 1 person

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