Rumination Or Time OCD?

Time OCD,
Or rumination,
––Which is it to be?

For they both feel,
Quite equivalent to me,
And both describe it,
Pretty effectively;

Sometimes, I’ll admit,
That time OCD…
Can turn out advantageously––

It means I can quite often,
State very precisely,
When events did happen,
––Such as in my statement to police!

My housemate and his friends,
Were being very screamy,
This was between the times of 20:20,
And 22:30″,

I even, for a moment,
Felt some slight nervosity,
––That they might feel suspicion,
At my sheer determinicity;

Anyways, that’s enough rumination,
For now,
On the subject of rumination,
Vs time OCD.

I also note, interestingly,
My unending propensity,
To rhyme with word-endings,
Sounding like ‘ee’.


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