Digging In

I’m digging in,
Down in the trenches,
I’m taking hellfire,
From anxious thinking,

Deeper and deeper,
I’m slowly sinking,
Eyes full of dirt,
I’m thinking of blinking;

Where are my men?
I’m becoming separated,
In the dragon’s den,
It’s too belated,

Come on, let’s go,
Strength of spirit,
Will get you home.


10 thoughts on “Digging In

    1. Thank you!

      After last year, I have no doubt that it will always be there :). And especially after joining this amazing community, even if for some reason I’m not part of it at the time in the future.

      This was amazing to write! It was the most metaphorical thing that I’ve written, it came maybe easier than any other poem, with no changes at all, with a feeling of certainty that everything was just right. And it completely transformed my mood after a difficult day of internal battles, made everything alright. Then I went out to the supermarket to get some ingredients and made a big American-style pancake when I got back :D. Really amazing.

      And it gave me weird feelings to be using so much metaphor after bashing it so much, haha! What a hypocrite, I came to realise that I really enjoyed that fictional aspect of it. I can now see the reason for using metaphor, it makes everything cinematic lol. Like adding CGI. But I’m only gunna use it when it comes effortlessly like that :). And also it’s gunna be ‘soft’ metaphors–– nothing cryptic!

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      1. I can imagine you felt it was amazing to write as it was amazing!
        You did wonderfully with the metaphors!
        I am so glad your mood was for the better after writing this poem.
        You made a big American-style pancake! Yum! I love pancakes!
        Sounds like you had a great day! Wonderful πŸ™‚

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      2. Thanks!! :). Yes I was originally planning to make normal UK pancakes but then writing that comment to you made me think of American haha.

        Not a wonderful day but a wonderful ending! Which is a rare thing, and beautiful in its own way.

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      3. Even though your day was not wonderful, it’s wonderful that it ended well. πŸ™‚
        Some days for me are horrible but if I happen to go to bed feeling some peace and strength to go on with the next day, I am grateful.


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