Anti-Depressant Dosages

Anti-depressants are working significantly better,

––Was it the coffee,
Or the large volume of vegetables I have eaten,
Over the past few days?

In my recent interview,
At the hospital,
They mentioned that my dose,
Is still quite low,

So I asked––
“What’s the usual dosage,
For treatment of OCD?”,

“200mg” (of Sertraline),
They replied,
Which is twice my current level;

We discussed it a little,
And I thought I should wait a while,
–– Since poems, piano and making friends,
Are all adding to the pile;

And lucky me,
She happened to be,
One of the nicest professionals,
Whom I’ve encountered yet––

In light of my sensitivity,
And my current relative stability,
She thought it needlessly risky,
Which I found satisfyingly funny;

But I couldn’t help but wonder––
What would that be like?
To reach therapeutic dosage?

What would be the effect,

My answer, probably,
It now occurs to me,
–– Is something like how exercise,
Used to be,

And I can just glimpse, now,
How that might feel,
–– It would help…
Maybe considerably;

I’m content to keep going,
Keep going with writing,
And consuming more vegetables :).


6 thoughts on “Anti-Depressant Dosages

  1. In general, OCD requires higher doses of antidepressants than what’s needed for depression, but who’s this general guy, anywhere? I used to take 200mg of sertraline, but luckily I don’t tend to be especially prone to medication side effects.

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    1. That kind of hints at the severity of OCD as an illness, doesn’t it!

      I’m not actually experiencing any negative effects either thankfully, apart from the lethargy, which I’m countering with coffee. I’ve always been quite sensitive to caffeine but it’s like I have a superpower resistance to it now! I can have coffee even in the evenings and still be able to sleep.

      But, I am finding that eating tons of vegetables is seriously improving the effectiveness of the medication! You can’t really get enough of them. Sure that has side effects too haha, but it’s worth it.

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