This Is How It Is

Why do I blame myself,
For OCD?

I’ve managed before,
To see it for what it is––

A terrible thing,
That is happening to me,
Against my will,
This is obvious to see!

Even the bus-lane tickets,
Have their roots,
To a significant extent,

–– For I’ve said it all along,
About those nasty routines,
Robbing me of joy,
And distracting me;

Now it’s one thing to say,
To each person in turn––
These symptoms, together,
Will result in a mess,

But, of course..
Each person in turn,
Only sees one part,
Can’t help but assume,
Their special place…

“I know,
It’s difficult,
But this really is the one thing,
That you should do

–– That’s all very well,
And I completely agree,
But if OCD takes control of me,
Then this really is how it will be.


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