Doing It For Me

Oh It can be difficult,
To get out of bed,
–– When you’re a making mess,
And you’re losing friends,

Yesterday morning,
Sitting opposite police,
–– A spare few minutes,
So I opened my post…

Bus-lane fine,
From October…
Bus-lane fine,
From Decem––

That’s enough of that!
Let’s just stick,
To the task at hand!

Just about ready,
To face it,
With no delay…

–– I know, I’m sorry,
Didn’t make it in today,
I’ve had a lot on my plate,
In-between the ruminating…


And I hate it,
I’m really not just taking it,
All for granted,

But when it comes down to it,
It really is no different,
Is it?

To that moment in the car,
In the ASDA car-park,
When I decided…
Screw it,
I’ll do it for me then.


11 thoughts on “Doing It For Me

    1. Thank you! :). I always prioritise sleep, because it really makes OCD and rumination worse if I start losing it. Today I’ve got things done quicker so I’ll be able to sleep earlier :). I’ve also just been to knitting, which is coming on well!

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      1. Oh, I so agree about sleep.
        After my sister died I did not sleep for over two weeks and I thought I was going to crack.
        ( I just lay awake with my grief and tears, it was so hard! )
        My Dr gave me sleeping pills and I was able to sleep again.
        But I only stayed on the sleeping pills for 2 months as they are addictive.
        I now take melatonin and valerian and they work well for me.
        Sleep is essential for my well-being.
        Love that you are knitting, my mom taught me to knit as a little girl and I love it!

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      2. Jesus…two weeks, I cannot imagine. I suffered a period of very bad insomnia in 2018, whilst staying with parents. It was so hard, I was going out of my mind and cracking. I actually didn’t sleep well from 2012 onwards until the end of 2018, so it was on top of all that.

        Thank god for sleeping pills. I haven’t tried them myself yet. I sleep well now thanks to anti-depressants :). I’ve heard melatonin suggested a lot, I’m glad it helps you.

        Yeah for me, tiredness makes the OCD a lot worse, as well as mood.

        You must be really good at knitting by now! You should make something for me :D. Please πŸ’™. Can you knit with acrylic? Cos I’m sensitive to wool and the ladies said that acrylic may be ok, haha!

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      3. Robin, the two weeks felt like a hundred years and I knew it would continue if I did not get help.
        I was so thankful for sleep and then started taking the melatonin after my Dr decided I should try the melatonin and it worked great!

        I guess I would say I am a good knitter.
        I have not made that much lately.
        What a great idea to make you something! πŸ™‚
        I have used acrylic. πŸ™‚

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      4. Thank you, I’ve decided to definitely order some melatonin now. I definitely am probably really lacking production of it now as I’ve hardly been outside much since the start of November, as well as it being winter! (due to the scooter problems).


        I will record you some piano music, I just got set-up to do that last week and last weekend!

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      5. It’s very moving for me to hear about your sister by the way, and how hard it’s been for you since. And inspiring to see you keeping going and making the most out of things :). I am sure it will help me in future difficult times. πŸ’™.

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      6. Thank you, Robin. ❀
        Some days without my sister are so hard to bear but I know Terri would want me to go on and not be as depressed as I have been,
        She was always so full of life and just an amazing and kind soul.
        Even when she was dying, she was thinking of her family and not wanting us to be too sad as she was leaving us!
        I just want to be as special as my sister was and continue on with her legacy of goodness.

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      7. πŸ™‚ πŸ’™ πŸ’™ πŸ’™.

        Don’t be hard on yourself for having been depressed about it. It is a different burden to bear being left behind.

        We are all special in different ways, sometimes in similar ways, but always subtly different. You can only do what comes naturally to you :).

        And you clearly have those kindness genes in just as much quantity!

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