What A Mess

I could have got up earlier,
I could have gone to bed earlier,
Oh no,
I laid in bed too long,

I could have got up earlier,
I could have gone to bed earlier,
Oh no,
I laid in bed too long,

I was disturbed,
By sound and light,
I need to get it right,

Now I’m making myself worse,
I’m wasting the antidepressants,
I’ve been ruminating already,
For twenty-five minutes,

I won’t be able to enjoy the day now,
I’ve already started in a bad way,
And I’d made good plans,
Only yesterday,

Now I’m giving a police statement,
And I’ve not even had breakfast,
What will they think of me,
–– Lazy and job-le––

I don’t care!
It doesn’t matter,
I’m a mess,
It’s time to accept it! πŸ˜‰

What are you doing to do about it?


8 thoughts on “What A Mess

  1. Accepting you are a mess
    to healing & getting better
    would be a strong first step
    to not judge & blame yourself
    is what you’ll need to do next
    then, try to do what is right
    and always give your best.

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  2. I too went to bed too late and just got up!
    I was awake a lot of the night just thinking about my sister and missing her. 😦
    I am making breakfast soon and would invite you over but there is the problem of distance. Ha!
    You are not a mess, life is just presenting you challenges that I know you will overcome!
    Hang in there and don’t be too hard on yourself, Robin.

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    1. Oh god lol I rushed to have breakfast when you sent that, at the thought of you having breakfast before me whilst being 6/7 hours behind!

      Sorry to hear you were kept awake and felt bad. I can’t imagine it, I’ve never lost anybody close.

      Thank you for the invite anyway :). What did you have?

      Thanks! I didn’t really mean to say that I am a mess, more that I was using reverse psychology–– if I start off assuming I’m a mess and not apologising for it, I can only go upwards from there!

      Thanks for the encouragement Margie :).

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  3. So, we probably had breakfast about the same time, even with the time difference! LOL
    That’s ok as I sometimes have breakfast for dinner πŸ™‚
    I had fruit, toast and coffee πŸ™‚

    It seems I’m always missing my sister the most when I go to bed and then I can’t sleep.
    But, she will always be a part of my life and who I am
    Thanks for your kind words, Robin.

    I understand about your going upwards! Yay!

    It’s my joy to be of any encouragement to you!
    Always, take good care of yourself !

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    1. Haha, thanks for rubbing it in! πŸ˜‚. Sounds nice, I was just asking so I have an idea of what’s on offer if I’m ever in the area around breakfast time ;).

      Yeah, for some reason night-time is always the time when sad things come back to our mind. Have you tried practising meditation? For sure she’ll always be part of your life :). I imagine there might be a feeling of guilt about trying to mentally change the subject, but maybe meditation can help to relax even whilst having the thoughts. I’m completely naive to real grief though.

      Thank you! I certainly will do πŸ™‚ πŸ€—. And same to you.

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