What Just Happened

Whilst hiding in my room,
From my screaming housemate and his hoodlums,
My other housemate was screaming,
For a different reason…

And she came into the kitchen,
Crying and in pieces,
With a bruise to show,
โ€“โ€“ her boyfriend had hit her;

With a past of abusive partners,
And after a long hiatus,
Sheโ€™d finally allowed herself to try,
โ€“โ€“ For this guyโ€™s alright;

Sheโ€™d told me her past, the other night,
And to her, Iโ€™d replied:
โ€At least this oneโ€“โ€“ he seems a nice guy!โ€,

So I shared in her anger,
Thatโ€™s for sure,
This will set her right back,
For f**kโ€™s sake;

Heโ€™d already left,
But couldnโ€™t help himself,
โ€“โ€“ Had to keep sending texts,
In his desperation,

All he was doing,
Was self-incrimination,
As I tried to console her,
And encourage the right action (phone the police);

Her friend came round,
As we sat in my room…
There then happened,
An episode of Eastenders;

Theyโ€™re upstairs, now,
Sorting things out,
But Iโ€™ll have to stay up a while,
In case she needs to chat;

Why does this happen?
And to her so often?
How, is domestic violence,
This common a problem?


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