Not Today

Not ruminating today,
–– No matter the starting conditions,
As I make that decision,

That’s the key––
To make that transition,
With total acceptance,
And choose to be happy;

The world won’t explode,
My life won’t collapse,
My friends won’t implode,
Time won’t just elapse,

So don’t be convinced,
When the urge begins to grow,
–– And enjoy that feeling,
Of just letting go.


Woah 200 poems 😐.


10 thoughts on “Not Today

    1. Thank you! :). Thanks a lot :D.

      The poems started one lonely night last June, just after my birthday and inspired by a single writing group session at a mental health crisis centre. I wrote 5 creative bits of writing, then at night had the urge to write poems, and wrote 4, which are now on my blog.

      Then in September a friend showed me her blog with a few poems, and having those 4 already written helped me to get going and get momentum :).

      Which I find to be a really nice story!

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      1. That is a wonderful story about how you started writing poetry!
        I am so thrilled for you, Robin and happy your friend showed you her blog and voila, the rest is history!
        I am glad I found your blog as I think it is awesome! πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

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