No Title

World War Three,
Will be fought in new theatre,

World War Three,
Will be fought in new media,

Word War Three,
Will be fought on Twitter.


9 thoughts on “No Title

      1. I just heard that there were no casualties and the idiot in chief will speak on TV in a few hours. I will be out of the house all morning and glad I won’t be able to see him. I am hoping clear heads prevail.

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      2. Cool :). Yes, hopefully they just stick to twitter wars from now on, as depressing as that still is, but easier to ignore. The lasting legacy of a new generation of terrorists won’t go away.

        I happened to check the news during his speech and watched a bit of it, but it was all droning propaganda and made me sick, so I could only stomach about 10 mins of it.

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    1. Thank you!

      I completely agree on all three things you said. It’s an interesting poem – sends mixed messages. But at the same time, taking hope from the idea of it ONLY being on Twitter is also f***ing depressing lol, for the sheer surreality/banality of it. Mad, mad, mad, mad, mad world. Mad.

      I see now that his tactic all along was to make himself appear as the Calm one, not the aggressive one, and hope that everybody has short memories. Very short memories. He’s trying to induce Stockholm syndrome in the whole world…then win the election. What a tool.

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    1. Thank you! I am flying high with all the praise :D. The success and satisfaction with the poems, alongside other things I am doing, is doing so much good for me.

      Yes, let’s hope. Haha! I didn’t get that at first, but yes indeed, and Scrappy!

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