You’re A Little Misty

You’re a little Misty,
Small and cute,
Here’s your tail,
Here’s your snout,

When the doggy’s hungry,
Hear her shout,
Tip the food,
And pour it out.

Thanks to my brother for taking the photos especially 😁. I’m running out of stock dog photos.


16 thoughts on “You’re A Little Misty

    1. She’s not my dog, she’s my parents’ dog unfortunately! I’m nowhere near responsible enough to have a dog yet haha, but one day i’ll get a dog like Misty! I just wish i could use her genes to clone her lol.

      She is a fantastic companion!! πŸ˜€

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  1. Family dogs are great too. All the fun without so much responsibility. I rely on my sister for dog time as we have a cat who can’t stand dogs. Otherwise, we would definitely get one. Dogs are brilliant.

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    1. Haha, yeah i agree! Would say the same about little brothers. Misty can’t stand cats, that’s the one time she gets worked up about anything. I’ve always wondered why dogs/cats hate each other, i’ve never understood it! Actually i guess because they were bred to chase stuff. They try to chase all medium-sized animals don’t they.

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    1. Haha! Both of those reasons make sense. Awesome, so you get a pet cat for free? :D. I’ve always found it weird how different cats and dogs are. One is allowed and trusted to roam freely, and the other completely isn’t. But they’re both just similarly-sized carnivores, haha. Cats can run around in their freedom and mock dogs through windows, and dogs can’t do anything about it. No wonder they hate cats!


  2. Well, it’s great for us because he is a lovely ginger tom with a great personality. But not so lovely for our cat (my gravitas) who is small and shy. She hides a lot when he is around. You are right to say that the relationship between dogs and cats is mostly inimical though it’s great when they occasionally get along. My sister had a lovely cat for many years who lived happily with two different dogs in succession and was then adopted as a mini sheep by their third, a Collie.


    1. I had a pretty intense dream with Misty a couple of nights ago, lol. I’ve been daydreaming of cuddling her a lot recently!

      I just want to clarify, it was emotionally intense πŸ˜†.


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